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Drug Offenses

Being charged with possession, trafficking, or delivery of an illegal or controlled substance puts you at risk of incurring strict penalties and large fines if you are convicted. The penalties for a drug crime conviction depend on whether you have a criminal record as well as the circumstances of the event, including the type and amount of drugs involved, if minors were present and if weapons were used. The penalties for a drug crime conviction will be affected by the circumstances and facts of your case as well as a prior criminal history. Additionally, your case may be affected by the amount of drugs involved, the kind of drugs involved and whether a minor was present, or a weapon was used in the commission of the crime.

Drug Possession

Under the Texas Health and Safety Code, possession of any illegal or controlled substance is strictly prohibited and if you are caught possessing any amount of drug or paraphernalia you could be arrested and charged with a drug crime. Police agencies will arrest you for drug possession if they find drugs in you possession, or they can charge you under a claim of “constructive possession” which means that the controlled substance was under your direct influence. This could mean drugs were hidden in a “secret stash” or secret compartments in homes, vehicles, and other property. Illegal drugs are classified in five different penalty categories and penalties are dependent upon the type of drug and the amount of the substance that was found in your possession. The charges can vary greatly depending on the specific circumstances of your arrest. Felony offenses will carry heavier penalties and fines than misdemeanors. The moment you are arrested and charged with a drug possession of any kind or amount, you need to contact attorney David Reyna. He understands that you have a lot on the line, and you could face immense penalties that can have a devastating impact on so many aspects of your life.


Drug distribution and transportation, also known as trafficking, is the unlawful moving of substances from one place to another with knowledge that the individual is moving the substance. The penalties you could face will vary depending on the type of substances and amount that was being transferred, but illegal trafficking of any type can land you with jail time, prison time, fines, probation and other major consequences. Call David Reyna as soon as possible if you have been arrested for trafficking. You must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt that you were knowledgeable and aware that you were transporting illegal substances. He will pursue every angle to find a weakness in the prosecution’s case. Law enforcement often make mistakes during the arrest procedure. David Reyna has the right to challenge all police reports and other evidence presented against the accused.


David Reyna will work vigorously to investigate your charges and ensure that your rights were not violated during the initial investigation and arrest. David will examine whether there exists any issues related to illegal search and seizure or violations of your rights.

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